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Monday, March 28, 2011

Let Go, Let God!

One of my all-time favorites:  "Let Go, Let God"!!

Let Go of:  Resentments
                 Past Failures/Mistakes
                 Future Worries
                 Trying to Control other People & Circumstances
Let God:  Bring you back into the Present
                Heal you from past wounds
                Lead you on Your Path
                Work things out for Your Good

God is in Control; We are Not.  How Freeing is this concept.  We do what we can...and leave the rest for God to work out.  Worrying about the future or regretting the past is a waste of energy. 

"Let go" of trying to control others, especially those closest to you.  Stop trying to "fix" them.  The key is to Focus on Yourself!  Whatever you may be expecting someone Else to give you or do for you, affirm you, compliment you, listen to you or be attentive toward you---Give it to Yourself! Contentment is an "inside job" where we work on ourselves, not "depending" on others for our state of being. 

You can not "make someone happy", just as they can not "make" you happy.  You may believe that if you just cooked more then he may be happy.  Or perhaps if you organized the house better, cleaned more, did everything exactly as he wanted, maybe then he would be happy.  You may believe that if you bought her more jewelry, a better car, a better house, maybe then she would be happy. Wrong!  Each persons' happiness is their Own responsibility!! 

So, "Let Go, Let God"! 
What are you "Letting Go" of?  And what are you "Letting God" do in your life?  : )


  1. Nice way to put things in perspective.
    Let's see:

    Let Go of bad past experiences and memories
    Let Go of fear and worries
    Let Go of trying to show things to others they definitely don't want to see
    Let Go of wasting your energy

    Let God heal you Life
    Let God show you the way
    Let God calm your mind rumblings
    Let God hold your hand and be with you in every moment

    This is a wonderful "exercise" - will definitely love to do it on a regular basis.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love those Marie...Thanks!! So many things to Let Go of, and So many things to Let God do for us!! :) I agree with you..a wonderful "exercise" to do throughout our lives...