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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Who are You Without Your Stuff?!

So often in today's culture of "more is better", "bigger is better", we can be consumed by our desire for more, bigger, better Stuff.  It is a never-ending cycle perpetuated by our consumeristic society and marketing tactics promoting the latest Stuff.

I can so get caught in the consumeristic trap; I like this question--

Who are You Without Your Stuff? 

---without your Cars?
---without your House?
---without your Furniture?
---without your Clothes/Shoes/Handbags?
---without your latest greatest Tech gadgets?

Who are You Without Your Stuff?
Are you:
---a Patient,Loving parent?
---a Loyal, Trust-worthy partner or spouse?
---a Peace-seeker?
---a source of Positive energy toward Yourself and others?
---a Dependable friend?

Our Stuff does not define the Divine Luster of who we are--God's children, Precious and Free. 


  1. It's easy to get caught in consumerism. Sadly, it's what we are conditioned to follow since early childhood, just watch the TV enough and one wants things before we know it :(
    It is not the clothes makes a person, but the smiles, words and thoughts that people remember us by! :)

  2. I pictured myself with nothing, and I lost my identity.

    I am a seeker. That is all I know about myself. I am a self-aware seeker who occassionally thinks.

  3. We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. The world puts a lot of emphasis on material possessions, and often people are so caught up in this that they forget about the things that really matter....people- loved ones- family and friends- the building of relationships. I've always heard that the best way to feel good is to help someone else. You can replace material goods, but people cannot be replaced.

  4. Thanks for your comments... :)

    @ Bibi (Simple Summit): I so agree--"it's the smiles, words and thoughts" that people remember about us.

    @Justina: Yes, it is easy to identify ourselves by our Stuff...good for you for doing the exercise...

    @Julie: Well stated!

  5. The only things we can't buy are the most important in our Life, the essence of Humanity and they are the ones we pay less attention to. A smile or a kind word can change your day.
    Let's pay more attention to other people and we will define ourselves as Love.

  6. I like that Marie..."The only things we can't buy are the most important in our Life..."