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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Presents Vs. Presence

Our culture encourages consumerism...to buy more gadgets, more stuff, more presents.

In the past I have equated lots of presents with demonstrating my love for people.

I'm realising I can contribute more to my children, friends and family by being Present...sharing experiences, hanging out together Versus showering them with presents, especially around birthdays and holidays.  With my kids' birthdays around the corner, I'm reminded that I'm striving for more meaningful experiences, quality time with them... Avoiding the trap of buying stuff that gives only temporary enjoyment of the latest gadget. Investing, instead, in memories of being Present.

A lot of money need not be spent in order to convey that I care about people.  My kids and I enjoy the beach...since we live at the coast it's an enjoyable way to be Present with one another.  Friends and family enjoy hanging out, being together... It's not about the presents, like our consumeristic culture would like us to believe.

This year I intend to contribute more to others. Taking my children to a local soup kitchen to serve will allow us to contribute and to be Present for others.

Rather than indulging in the madness of acquiring more gadgets at the mall, I'm intending to be more Present this year.    Have you improved the quality of your life by choosing Presence over presents? :)

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