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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Honor yourself, Speak up!

 As a people pleaser, it can be difficult to speak up. 

First, be true to yourself.  Honor yourself.  When you speak up regarding a difficult issue, and you come from a place where you have already "honored yourself", you will be coming from an honest place, speaking from your heart. 

Having the courage to speak up can be challenging, especially for those who may have an unconscious fear of abandonment.  When we speak our personal truth, we are building intimacy with other people.  We are allowing them to truly know us.  We are living authentically, and we are building even more strength within ourselves. 

Speaking up, speaking from your heart is an important part of Zen Living, living your own personal truth. 


  1. being true to yourself. And service, service to others. There is no greater thing than service to others. I need to learn that well.

    It's not all about giving giving and giving. It's about love.

    Nothing on this earth belongs to us anyways.

  2. I agree..."nothing on this earth belongs to us anyways.".... Thanks Justina